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We possess many varieties from millets and hybrids from grain sorhums also.

Millets (Panicum miliaceum)


Early maturity red millet with a 100 cm plant high and 105-110 days growing season. Its yield potential is 3,0-3,5t/hectare. Perfect drought and disease tolerant variety. Its half-bowing panicles contain seeds with brownish-red chaff.


Maxi is 80-110cm high white millet variety with 25-30cm long, erected, light green leaves. Its yield potential can reach 4 t/hectare. Really strong stemmed, disease tolerant millet variety with high stamina. It can be easily harvested, treshed and hulled. Perfect choose for bio or alternative production.


Middle-late maturity, high productive, fast-growth variety with half-erected wide leaves. It produces straw-colored seeds with 3,8-4 t/hectare yield potential. It has a perfect stamina, and disease tolerance.

Grain Sorghum /Sorghum bicolor/


Jami is a high yield productive, steady, perfect drought tolerant red grain sorghum hybrid. It has a really compact panicle. Its seed contains around 12-15% protein. Plant height is around 100-110cm.


High yielding middle late mature white colored seed sorghum hybrid with 120-150cm plant hight. It is a perfect draught tolerant hybrid with 10-11% crude protein and 68-70% starch content.
Near good environmental conditions it can yield up to 10t/ha with very low tannin content.