Oat /Avena sativa/

Our oat variety is a constantly high yielding (average 6-7t/ha measured by farmers) one with higher crude protein content (+ 1,2 absolute % in average) as the standards. It’s standability is perfect, it can provide high yields in draughter yers also (2007, 2012). It is a medium-early type variety with a medium long stem.
It is resistant in Lema melanopus and Heterodera avenae, and has good resistance for Puccinia coronata.

Triticale /Titan/

Morfology: The variety has a middle length stem with a perfect tillering capacity. The leaves and the stem is waxy. It is an earl-mid early heading type.
Agronomy: It has a perfect stem strength. The variety’s average yield is between 7 to 7.5 ton/ha. Crudeprotein is 13.0-14.0, hectolitre weight: 70-72kg. It has a perfect winter hardiness drought tolerance and fertilizer reaction. Good disease tolerant.