Plants for forage or energy purposes


Bovital /Sorghum bicolor x Sorghum sudanense/

One of the biggest yield productive sudangrass hybrid on the market, with a perfect stamina. It has a thin, solid stem, which is 160-210 cm high. Its stem-leaf ratio is favourable, with fast development and excellent sprouting capability. Between sowing and panicle throwing the numbers of elapsed days is 74-76.
This hybrid can be grown effectively throughout the EU and non EU countries also. Under intensive conditions it allows 2-3 exploitations, with 80-120 t/hectare green productivity. Dry matter productivity is 20-25 t/hectare. Excellent for second crop also.
On unfavourably capable production sites it provides continuous green feeding even during the droughty weeks of July and August. Thanks for its good productivity, modesty and nutritive values, it is a perfect choose for energy purposes also.

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Gardavan /Sorghum bicolor x Sorghum sudanense/

Gardavan is a really good choice for animal feeding purposes. It is well known from its high stamina and good nutritive values. Till the end of the growing season it can reach the 200-220cm height. In the first few decades of the season it has a perfect and fast growing vigor. Between sowing and panicle throwing the numbers of elapsed days is 74-76. It should be harvested before panicle throwing to reach its perfect nutritive values, thus it can be utilized in many ways.
We mainly offer it for green feeding and making good quality silage.
Its productivity can be 80-120 t/hectare in green mass and 20-25 t/hectare in dry matter.

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HSZF2 /Sorghum bicolor x Sorghum sudanense/

Forage sorghum


Our newest improved silage sorghum hybrid has a perfect energy index, surpassingly high yield and good agronomical properties. Perfect choose for any kind of utilization in the bioenergetic, industrial or animal feed sector. 300-380 cm high, middle late maturity hybrid with the yield potential of 85-120 t/hectare (refraction: 15-16%). It is excellent stress tolerant and has a perfect leaf-stem rate. It is a perfect hybrid for lower productive soils also.

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Our middle maturity Berény silage sorghum hybrid is 180-220cm high, with a middle thick, succulent stem with 16-18% sugar content. It has a perfect ratio of panicle-leaf-stem, which is 25:53:22. The whole plant contains 30-35% dry material. Thanks for its habit and nutritive values it is a good raw material for energy utilization or making high energy content silage. Also near unfavourable conditions it can produce 80-85 t/hectare biomass.

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Other Forage crops

Hungarian vetch (Vicia pannonica)

Vetches are most widely used in fall mixtures with leguminous plants. Excellent and valuable fodder crop. H. vetch is tasty and has good dietary effect. It is used either for hay or green fodder. This vetch variety is one of the earliest green forage sowed with autumnal cereals, thus it allowes any kind of second crop after it.
Harvested yield can be up to 30 t/hectare, which can be dried or used as silage.
Its stem is fleshy, relatively solid, poorly hairy 80-120cm. in length. The flowers are white with brown sreaks. Seeds are dark grey in colour with black spots, slightly pressed in shape. Thousand seed weight is about 40g.

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